Trivia Contest!

OK, time for some Let It Rain trivia!

How many readers know what the original title of Let It Rain was?

Why did I have to change the title before publication?

Email me your answers for a chance to win a free book!

Actually, the other day “Let It Rain” came on the radio while I was in the car.  I must say, it’s never been my favorite Eric Clapton song.  Then again, Cocaine: A Paddler’s Guide probably would have sent mixed signals.

Speaking of titles, I’m making good progress on my second book, which I’m jokingly calling my “DC book.” I’ve been working really hard on it, which has unfortunately meant passing up quite a bit of good boating this fall.

But not everyone has been passing up river trips.  Check out Fred Coriell’s recent adventure on the Romaine River in Quebec.  Readers may recognize several boaters on this trip pictured frequently in Let It Rain.  What a shame to lose such a magnificent river to the demands of hydro power:

Be well, do good work, and run waterfalls . . .

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