Now THIS is funny

Well, well, well.  Jackpot!  It’s fascinating what one can find on the USACK website.  Notice how in this picture the US whitewater team is pictured with President Bush.  Notice how the US’s top slalom kayaker is pictured — appropriately enough — just to Bush’s left!  This might or might not be the same kayaker whose boat was adorned with “F.W.” after the ’04 Games.  And notice that smile!  This is great!

Another neat picture I found on the revamped USACK site. You know how they talk about “putting your head down and going to work”? Looks like that’s what I was up to. To me that gold boat is a thing of beauty:

And one more — Nate Shils and I racing C-2 at the ’08 Nationals.  I love paddling stern because you don’t have to wear a bib. Feels downright casual! “I’m only partially committed to the success of this team, and I’m by no means married to the outcome,” it says.  Takes the pressure right off!

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