About the book

Let It Rain is a new whitewater guidebook. It covers the whitewater rivers of New England, New York, Ontario and Quebec. Here is Let It Rain:

Physical Dimensions: 320 pages long, 8 x 10” in size.

Color Photographs: There are hundreds of color photographs taken by over 95 photographers.

River Descriptions: The most useful information is described for each river. What is the character of the river? Where are the major rapids located? What else should you expect? Find out in Let It Rain.

Maps: Each river has a corresponding color map, showing the access points and shuttle roads.

Directions: In addition to maps, specific written directions to each river are included.

Water Level Information: When will a river be running? Find out in Let It Rain. Learn how to navigate the hundreds of online river gauges in New England. How do you know if rivers in Canada will be running? Let It Rain includes extensive information on Canadian gauges.

I have reinterpreted many of the old classic rivers and I have added many, many new ones that have come into vogue and been lately discovered and become popular – rivers like Roaring Brook in CT, and the Winni in NH.  And there are other “hidden gems” that I have included which have never been in a guidebook, like Popolopen in NY, and Shaker Mill Brook in MA.  And of course there will be all the Canadian Rivers that have never been in an English regional guide before – stuff that is eternally popular like the Ottawa, Lachine, and the Taureau.

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