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Welcome to Malbaie Press. This is the place to purchase Let It Rain: The Rivers of New England, New York, and Eastern Canada — the premier guidebook to northeast whitewater.  Browse the Sample Pages to get a feel for the book. Order the book by selecting “Add to Cart.”  Read More →

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Take advantage of our new low price — $34.95!  Save $5.00 off the old price!  Read More →

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Welcome to the Malbaie Press website.  This is the place to buy the kayaking guidebook Let It Rain: The Whitewater Rivers of New England, New York, and Eastern Canada. You can order the book off the right, by selecting “Add to Cart” and purchasing the book through Paypal. I would like to impress upon everyone that I only printed 2,000 of these books!  And I’ve already sold or donated more than half in the first 1.5 years.  In... [Read More...]

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Welcome to the Malbaie Press website!  Read More →

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Malbaie Press has moved.  Our new address is: 111 East Wayne Ave Silver Spring, MD 20901  Read More →

Welcome to Neguidebook.com! This is the place to order the kayaking guidebook Let It Rain. If you would like to order the book, please click on the button to the right that says “Add to Cart” and follow the steps to order the book through Paypal. If you would like to pay by mail, please send a check for 44.95 (48.95 if you live in Canada, or $42.40 if you live in Maryland) to: Malbaie Press 4002 Virginia Place Bethesda, MD 20816 Look for more... [Read More...]

Now THIS is funny

Well, well, well.  Jackpot!  It’s fascinating what one can find on the USACK website.  Notice how in this picture the US whitewater team is pictured with President Bush.  Notice how the US’s top slalom kayaker is pictured — appropriately enough — just to Bush’s left!  This might or might not be the same kayaker whose boat was adorned with “F.W.” after the ’04 Games.  And notice that smile! ... [Read More...]

The World Cup Returns to the US!

That’s right!  The Slalom World Cup finally returns to the United States this coming weekend, October 3-5, for the first time since 2001. The American Open takes place at the year-old ASCI artificial whitewater course built atop the Wisp Ski Area in Deep Creek, Maryland. A fake river built on the top of a ski area?  That’s right!  The whitewater is world-class and the views are stunning.  And for competitors — there is even... [Read More...]

Trivia Contest!

OK, time for some Let It Rain trivia! How many readers know what the original title of Let It Rain was? Why did I have to change the title before publication? Email me your answers for a chance to win a free book!  Alden110@gmail.com Actually, the other day “Let It Rain” came on the radio while I was in the car.  I must say, it’s never been my favorite Eric Clapton song.  Then again, Cocaine: A Paddler’s Guide probably... [Read More...]

Malbaie Press western trip, 2008

Malbaie Press (that is, I) went on a roadtrip this summer to Idaho and Washington state to do, well — let’s call it “research” for my upcoming novel.  Okay, it was a boating trip!  But the trip gave me both work time and new material.  After much hard work, two days ago (Saturday) I finished the first draft of the novel.  It’s about 480 pages right now, double-spaced.  It’s loosely about a guy who takes up... [Read More...]

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