Book Signing at Deerfield Festival

Hi everyone, I will be at the Deerfield Festival in Charlemont, MA this coming weekend to sell and sign books.  I’ll be at both Zoar Outdoor kayak shop and at the festival itself during the weekend.  And of course sneaking in some paddling, too.  You can see details here: After that, I’ll be out west during August — exploring the rivers of Idaho,... [Read More...]


Here’s a picture of the Malbaie Press booth at the Cheat River Festival in May. You’ll see here not only the Malbaie Press owner staring vacantly into space, but also Malbaie Press “advisor” Steve Graybill who somehow managed to slip behind the desk.  Also pictured are Great Falls of the Potomac luminaries Scott Anderson (red) and Jason Sullivan (orange). This was a fun time!  Read More →

Let It Rain in Kayak Session!

Let It Rain has made it into the magazine Kayak Session.  There is a blurb about it in the most recent issue.   Kayak Session is, in my opinion, the best kayak magazine out there.  It’s an honor to be in there.  Read More →

How to Order

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The books are in!  I’m going to start shipping tomorrow!  Read More →

Over 50

Just wanted to throw out a quick “happy birthday” to my little (though tall) brother — who turns the big 21 in a few days!  Also — I am so happy that the NY Giants are going to the Super Bowl again!  By the way, the Giants won their first Super Bowl in 1987 on Jan 25th. You know who was born that night? My brother. (You know who was conflicted that night? My father.) A good omen?  I think so. On a related note, I’d... [Read More...]

30 and counting!

Well, I’m satisfied.  32 people have bought books online in 24 hours.  Now that’s cool! Book #1?  It went to good old Mike Lackman.  Cheers!  Read More →

OK, let’s do this!

Alright, I’m going to put up the Paypal order button later today, or this evening.  I only want to sell 30 books before the books actually arrive.  I’m just one guy, after all, and I haven’t streamlined my shipping process just yet.  So I don’t want to be too backed up at the start. For the first 30 books I promise that I’ll take them out of the shrinkwrap before sending them and personally dedicate them to you (or... [Read More...]

The Books are Here!

Today was an historic day.  I picked up the first six advance copies of Let It Rain.  They look great.  I showed them off at work today.  Remember — on the 25th the rest of the books will be here!  Read More →

The Vessel

Here’s what I got today from the printer: Vessel : Venice Bridge V.021E Sailed : Dec 23 2007 ETA : Jan 25 2008 (Door)  Read More →

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